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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How To Fall Asleep Fast

Teeth brushed, PJs on, and curled up in bed… you are all set to go to dreamland. But what if staying or falling asleep is a real challenge for you? Here are three clever sleeping tips for you to fall asleep fast.

Treat stuffy or runny nose caused by allergies. Allergies could disrupt and prevent sleep as they usually cause congestion. Try over-the-counter nasal strips or antihistamine spray or a nasal saline to remedy your stuffy nose.

Use the night. Dim your lights and avoid the stimulation caused by artificial-light pollution, in particular lights that come from computers, TVs, and indoor lighting. Do this several hours before going to bed.

Don’t struggle against it. Tossing and turning only works for salads and not with sleep problems. If you’re not able to go to sleep in fifteen minutes, get off the bed and do some light activities like a short walk or yoga. Reboot and reset your body system by getting your mind off sleep. When you get back in bed, fall asleep fast to some meditation or soft music.