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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Fight Against Insomnia

mansleeping.jpgInsomnia is not getting enough sleep for more than three days for three out of four weeks. This sleep problem drove Michael Jackson to desperate measures. I am pretty sure he’s not alone and that a lot of people are going nuts with their frequent or extended bouts of sleepless nights. In order to solve this problem, we need to know more about insomnia and its underlying causes.

To overcome short-term insomnia, one only needs to change his lifestyle and follow these tips:

1) Exercise regularly. Walking 30 minutes a day relieves stress and helps you sleep. Doing exercises earlier in the day can also help you sleep better.

2) Make bedtime comfy. We know some things in life are worth the expense. Two of those things are good pillows and mattresses.

3) Create calm-down time. Set aside thirty minutes before bed to finish all your must-do tasks for the day.

4) Ban bedside digital devices, including TV. Have nothing in your bedroom except the bed.

If you are still restless and sleepless after following all these tips then you need to identify the problem yourself and work through it. A medical condition, medications, or stress are some of the possible causes of insomnia. If everything else fails, then it’s time for you to see your healthcare provider to assess your present condition.